Private Practice
at Scale

Streamlined financial reporting, advanced data and analytics, end-to-end clinical support, and practice optimization insights. Meet the Dental Partner Organization(“DPO”) that can monetize what you’ve built, accelerate your dreams, and preserve your autonomy.

The premier DPO to scale your ambition while retaining your autonomy

Grow your practice

Offload administrative and back-office functions to free up your time and focus on what you are most passionate about.

Discover opportunities to improve your practice

Leverage insights from real-time, high frequency reporting to gain a deeper understanding of your practice, how it compares to industry standards, and opportunities for optimization if you choose.

Benefit from DSO scale without being part of a DSO

Access preferential pricing and rates across the entire dental supply chain

Connectivity with Peers

Join a vast ecosystem of like-minded clinicians to share best practices

Modular Solutions Built for Your Practice

Each practice UDC acquires is unique, with partner dentists having different goals. UDC seamlessly integrates partner practices onto its sophisticated financial management, accounting, data and analytics, payroll and human resources platforms while offering a broad array of solutions dentists can utilize at their own discretion.


UDC can reduce a number of supply costs through its scaled purchasing power, insights into your practice’s cost and buying patterns, and AI-enabled product matching to ensure no disruption to your practice.

Candidate Screening

UDC’s national reach and scale can deliver short listed clinical candidates for any practice across the US.

Patient Acquisition

Drive new patient growth by accessing UDC’s roster of vetted third parties that specialize in various parts of the patient acquisition chain including digital marketing, search engine optimization (“SEO”), social media, website development, and case consultation services.

Focused and actionable data enabling you to make better decisions

UDC seamlessly bridges third party applications, software, proprietary data analysis, and reporting to deliver actionable insights, benchmarking studies, growth, and efficiency opportunities to practice owners.

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