Criteria and Process


  • EBITDA between $300,000 – $2,000,000.  UDC actively targets entrepreneurial, growing practices as opposed to established platforms. 
  • EBITDA margins over 20%.  Margins over 20% demonstrate operational excellence.
  • Procedure mix agnostic
  • Geographically agnostic in the US
  • Low to No Medicaid
  • Preferably 2 or more associate doctors and 4 or more chairs


Initial Consultation – Day 1

  • The initial consultation involves a one-on-one discussion with you and Dr Ray Khouri to develop an understanding of your financial and practice objectives.
  • Based on your interest, UDC would execute a Confidentiality Agreement and your practice would submit requested financial reports and data. UDC can often access this information quickly via APIs and low disruption to your practice.
  • The information you provide helps UDC develop a well-defined Letter of Intent (“LOI”). In contrast, many acquirers place low emphasis on the initial work to encourage sellers to sign a loosely defined LOI only to waste time with numerous changes to a proposed transaction, which incurs additional costs and time for the seller, potentially disenfranchising them.

Developing the Letter of Intent – Days 2 – 14

  • Dr Khouri and several members of UDC will generally follow up with you from 5 – 14 days after receiving your practice’s information.
  • The purpose of the second meeting is to better understand your practice, your objectives, give you a chance to ask any questions, and highlight specific items you would value or require in a forthcoming LOI. Unlike other acquirers, UDC attempts to a deliver a comprehensive LOI to avoid confusion or delays following its execution.

Executing the Letter of Intent and Due Diligence – Days 15 – 120

  • You will receive a LOI outlining the value of your practice and specific terms related to the transaction.
  • If the terms and value are to your satisfaction, you and UDC will execute the LOI and proceed to comprehensive legal, clinical, regulatory, and accounting due diligence.
  • The end result of UDC’s post LOI diligence will be an Asset Purchase Agreement and pre-settlement planning for transition and integration.

Welcome to your new family

  • Following the closing of the transaction, your practice will be onboarded onto UDC’s infrastructure and engage with members of UDC’s team – many of whom you likely interacted with during the transaction process – to ensure a smooth transition.
  • In the months that follow, you will have access to UDC’s financial reporting, analytics, procurement capabilities, and the option to partake in various growth and efficiency opportunities at your sole discretion.
  • Leverage UDC’s ecosystem of fellow partner dentists to solicit and share best practices.

Let's get started.