Autonomy Growth
Financial Independence

Why UDC?

We’ve shattered the traditional DSO model and replaced it with something better.

Our goal is transparent: To accelerate your growth and maximize the value of your practice. That includes an equity stake in UDC if you’d like. It’s your choice.

Here’s the best part. You have full autonomy to run your practice free from any clinical interference.

UDC provides all of the mission critical systems you need.

Not All DSOs Are The Same.

Payroll, HR, Accounts Payable, Operations, Marketing and IT are seamlessly delivered to your practice. That way, you can concentrate on what you do best – take care of clients and build your practice.

Our Commitment To Doctors

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Let’s Partner To Accelerate Your Success

The Best I’ve Seen

Dr. Forrest Bryant, a dentist and CEO of the VC-firm High Speed Ventures, said UDC’s Dental Partnership Model is best in class.

“UDC’s proven partnership model is clearly the best I’ve seen. It truly provides the autonomy doctors should demand, while realizing the full potential and value of a practice. This is a rare opportunity for our dentist investors to be in the capital stack so early in the process.

"As a dentist who sold his own business in a private equity transaction, and as an Advisor for many of our clients’ successful exits, I have carefully evaluated many DSOs."

Doctors Love the UDC Model